Practical information


What is aktivCampus?

aktivCampus directly translates to "activeCampus". aktivCampus is what we call the third buddy week ("fadderuke"), but it is a little different than what you might think of when you think of a standard buddy week. The week comes right after the usual buddy weeks, and when these are over, we start with a week crammed full of activity and focus on good habits. aktivCampus is thus a week filled with events that contribute to activity in a fun way.

What can you participate in under aktivCampus?

We have planned about 100 events during week 35. You will thus find everything from come and try Rumpeldunk to color run to capture the flag. We have many "come and try" in many different activities and sports, and we hope that you can try out different activities and in that way find something cool you want to spend the rest of your study time on. Welcome!

Who is aktivCampus for?

aktivCampus is for everyone. Absolutely everyone, in fact. However, we must admit that we have a strong focus on students. It is the students we do this for, and we have a strong focus on events that meet students.

No matter what study you are in, no matter if you like pineapple on pizza or not, no matter how old you are, no matter how much you have been active in the past - we want you to feel welcome with us.

Does it cost anything to participate in aktivCampus?

It costs absolutely nothing to join aktivCampus. You must expect to spend a little energy on our activities, but we know that money is not wasted by students and all our events are completely free.

Usually you have to pay something to be able to use the premises of Sit, but the events we have there are also completely free. You do not need to bring money to our events, but bring some training clothes and a good mood and you are well on your way.

How to sign up for aktivCampus?

We use the solution, and you can find an overview of all the registrations for the week through this link. The link is updated regularly towards the week. You will also find the registration links on the Facebook events. All registrations open two days before the event.

Some events do not have registration, and then all you have to do is show up at the specified time and place and you will be at the event.

How can you sign up for more if you want to get more together?

If you are a small group who want to get together, this is not a problem. At events where you do not pose as a team, you can either sign up one by one, or everyone can sign up at the same time in one and the same registration. This requires that there are enough places left.

At some events we do not have registration, then it is just to show up the whole gang!

When you have to register together for competitions, you then register as a team. Feel free to sign up together, but if you do not fill a team, you must be prepared to be put together with someone else who signs up alone or with a few others to fill the team. And how exciting is that? Hooray for mixed teams that contribute to more friends!

Can I come alone to the events?

Of course you can come alone to our events. In fact, we make it easy for you to come alone, and we very much hope that you will make some friends when you come to us - if you want to of course. If you feel a little alone at some of our events, there are always some volunteers from us who want to have a chat, so just find us in aktivCampus sweaters!

Can you unsubscribe from an event you have signed up for?

You can! Information about this can be found in the confirmation email you received when you first signed up. At some events there is a deadline to unsubscribe, so remember to stay within this. This is because we want as many people as possible on the waiting list to have the opportunity to come if someone can not come anyway.