Hammock trip

Time: 19:30 - tuesday morning

Place: Theisendammen, attendance outside of Byåsen butikksenter

Nearest bustop: Sverresborg

Information about the event:
In Trondheim there are both Bymarka and Estenstadmarka, both of which can offer many fun tours for those who want to get out of the city a bit. That's why we invite everyone who wants it to a social and pleasant trip out into the fields. During the corona period, hammock trips have become a more well-known phenomenon, and we will make use of this on this trip. There will also be an opportunity for swimming. We have hammocks for everyone! We will also be bringing barbeque food for Monday evening.

What should you bring?
Bag with sleeping bag, sleeping mat, good and warm clothes, something to drink and breakfast for Tuesday. Bath towels and swimwear can also be brought if you want to take a dip.

If you do not have hiking equipment such as a rucksack, sleeping mat and sleeping bag, you can borrow this free of charge from NTNUI Bumerang.