Pole dance for boys 2

Time: 18:15-19:15, Friday 01.09

Place: Skippergata 10

Nearest bus stop: Dyre Halses Gate

Information about the event:
Are you a boy and curious about what pole dance is? Come and try for yourself! On Friday 2 September, NTNUI Dance will organize trial lessons in pole for boys in collaboration with aktivCampus. The students get to try themselves on the pole and learn basic tricks.

In pole dancing, you train strength, coordination and mobility at the same time. There are several different styles within pole where you can choose whether you want to focus on acrobatics and tricks, dance and choreography, or heels.

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What should you bring?
We recommend wearing training shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt. Also bring a water bottle and avoid applying moisturizer 24 hours before the session.